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Houston, Texas top Maintenance, Remodeling, Repair & New Pool Design

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Houston Pool Construction Tips


Let us design and build your perfect backyard oasis!  Years of experience in swimming pools, spa’s, outdoor kitchens, water and fire features and landscaping.

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Time for an upgrade? We can help you
with resurfaces as well as full equipment remodels.

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Weekly pool service greater Houston


Get back to enjoying your pool.
Keep it beautiful, safe and functional with our weekly 23 step service.

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Full pool repair services including heaters,
lights, pumps, plumbing, automation & more.

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Pool Owners Say

“I’ve been consistently impressed with Beyond Blue Pools.
Unlike anyone I’ve ever used in the past they’re very consistent. Even when they’ve had to send a different person to clean my pool for one reason or another the service has been excellent regardless of technician. I’ll be a client for many more years long as that continues!”
Peter Jones
“I’ve used Beyond Blue Pools for the past year.
I’ve had nothing but good service from them compared to others which have been unreliable. They are reliable, consistent and above all provide good communication, such as letting us know ahead of time if weather or any thing else has disrupted the regular schedule.”
Michael N, The Woodlands, TX
“I am a first-time pool owner and have to say, thank you! I didn’t realize what I’d gotten myself into and felt very overwhelmed. These guys did such a great job of not only cleaning the pool but helping me to understand that things weren’t as complicated as I was building them up to be. I am now very pleased and I intend to continue to use Beyond Blue Pools for all of my servicing needs!”
Randy A, The Woodlands, TX


Pool Brands We Know and Use

At Beyond Blue Pools we’re experienced in pool repairs and troubleshooting of all major pool equipment manufacturers, including but not limited to the following