Swimming in a gorgeous inground pool is one of the most enjoyable things about being on vacation, and it can also be one of the most enjoyable aspects of everyday life. Homeowners have been increasingly investing in their backyards to take their resort aspirations and make them part of their home. Many locals in Houston are considering how to make their backyard pools more peaceful and enjoyable. They’re also thinking pool remodeling projects that can add new features for their own comfort and safety, as well as that of their guests.

When considering which features to add to their inground pool, there are many to choose from, even when adding on features to an existing pool. We put together a list of the features most requested by houston homeowners who built an inground pool. We hope this list helps you make an informative decision about which features to add to your own pool.

Below are some of the new amenities that people are introducing, as well as some suggestions for new pool building or upgrades.

Top 10 Pool Features That Are a Must-Have

These top 10 pool features are examples of features and amenities you might want to incorporate into your pool design:

1. Serene Spillway

A spillway is one of the most relaxing pool water elements homeowners choose to add during their pool construction. Spillways are installed on slate pillars around one backyard pool, with copper agave sculptures atop the pillars.


2. Swim-Up Pool Bar

The swim-up bar could be useful a useful pool feature if you frequently have guests over or simply want to better combine your pool with beverages.

The fact that you’re situating your pool right next to the cook center is a particularly fascinating benefit of these pool elements that isn’t immediately visible.

When you choose a swim-up bar, you are not only saving space, but you are also improving the pool experience. After being introduced to it in tropical resorts, this pool feature has been gaining favor in private settings.


3. LED Pool Lighting

With the right LED pool lighting, you can transform your backyard pool into a work of art. One homeowner makes their pool glow in purples and blues by focusing on underwater LED pool lighting and laminar jets. They also incorporate plenty of uplighting.

LED Pool Lighting Installation, LED Pool Light Installers

4. Repurposed Fountains

Eco-friendliness can be expressed through pool features. Repurpose a palm planter to create a poolside fountain. Reuse a unique outdoor fountain or sculpture to create an eye catching water effect.

Fountain Installers, Fountain Installation

5. Outdoor Fire Pit

With their swimming pool project, one homeowner created a serene outdoor environment by adding a firepit poolside. This elegant and understated pool feature comes alive at night and makes the entire pool area more useable well into the evening hours.

Outdoor Pool Firepit

6. Fixtures Made of Natural Rock

Natural stone is a popular material, whether it is purely aesthetic or provides a useful purpose (such as seating). Natural stone and tiki torches can be placed around the perimeter of your spa to create a more inviting atmosphere.

Rock Features - Pool Features

7. Jump Rock

Swimming pool owners want to enjoy their pool with family and friends. This resort-style pool is complemented with a gigantic jump rock with a waterfall. The homeowners children enjoy jumping off a stable and secure water feature that provides them with hours of enjoyment and the soothing sound of moving water.

Jump Rock Pool - Pool Feature


8. Waterfalls

Spas and waterfalls, which individually add a sense of serenity to your pool, can be combined. With these pool water features, you can be as creative as you want, with one homeowner creating a one-of-a-kind feature for a resort style pool. It consisted of a wall with three six- and eight-foot-high waterfalls that cascaded into the pool area below. A waterfall made of nature stone flows directly into a retaining wall running behind the pool deck.


9. Spillover Spa

One option to incorporate falling water with your spa is to incorporate spas and waterfalls. An overflow adds the continuous sound of moving water. A tiled above ground spa with a spillover flowing down to the crystal blue water of the swimming pool below was chosen by one pool owner.

Spillover Spa - Pool Feature


10. Outdoor Shower

One of the most useful pool features on this list is an outdoor shower. People typically desire to be able to take short showers after swimming in their backyard pools. If you live near a beach, you may also desire an outdoor shower to wipe off the sand from your swimming adventures. Most people prefer not to track sand or have the lingering smell of chlorine in their home. Many pool owners now want to be able to bathe in their own backyards, which is contributing to the increase in outdoor shower requests.

Outdoor Shower Feature - Pool Feature

Thank you for reading our guide on the best pool features to add to your inground pool. This guide has been brought to you by the Houston Pool Construction experts at Beyond Blue Pools. If you’re building a inground pool in Houston and considering which pool builder to go with, please feel free to contact us for a free estimate.

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