From time to time, we get the question of if we “should clean filters only when pressure rises or on a time interval?”

In speaking with the manufacturer’s in our training sessions, the answer is always a resounding YES.

The illustration that is most frequently used is similar to an oil change or air filter in your  house.  If you have a tag on your windshield, most likely it says 3,000 miles or 6 months.  Or something to that affect.  The point being is that both are right and depend on many different factors.  Elements inside can be damaged without raising pressure and is something to watch out for.

Pool Filter Cleaning

Filter cleans are not only a “keep the filter from blowing up” service. They contribute to water clarity and algae prevention as much as any single component (besides the pump).  In fact, all the manufacturer’s we’ve ever talked to say that you cannot clean your filter too often.  For instance, we know guys in the industry that clean their filter at least 2x’s a month on their personal pools; and some every week.

Beyond Blue Pools take a multi-faceted approach.  Every week, our technicians record filter pressure and we see trending pressures going up in a chart when filters are getting dirty.  If they get to high, we notify immediately and recommend a filter clean.  On top of that, we track dates to make sure nothing is missed in the field as well.  The date scheduling can be sometimes more proactive than anything.  We hate telling a homeowner he has to pay for a filter clean because we have extended the time from the last filter clean, got a hard rain, and now there is algae in the pool.  A filter clean timed right before that (when pressure was only slightly higher than normal), could have prevented any algae issues.

We  ask for approval for filter cleans and we also internally keep reminders for every 6 months for DE filter and every 3-4 months for cartridges to make sure water clarity is as best as possible for the homeowner.

If you feel you need a filter clean, give us a call and we would be happy to take care of that for you!

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