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Tesla Pool – Automaker Adds Swimming Pool To Charger Station

One of the primary reasons consumers opt to purchase a Tesla is the robust availability of convenient charging stations. Recently, the automaker has experimented with adding amenities to its charging… [...]

Pool Rental App Swimply Is The New Side Hustle For Homeowners

Pool rental marketplace Swimply has created the ultimate side hustle for homeowners. Spending upwards of $100,000 to create the ultimate luxury outdoor living area is an investment some are willing… [...]

Sinkhole in Swimming Pool Kills Man, Swallows Guests

A man was found dead after being swallowed by a sinkhole that opened up in a private swimming pool. The incident transpired in Israel where authorities are still trying to… [...]

Should You Let Your Dog In The Pool? Experts Say “No”

People love their dogs and man’s best friend fits right in around the home. Consequently, many feel that their swimming pool is a natural extension. After all, your dog enjoys… [...]

Las Vegas Sets Max Limit of 600 Sq. Feet on Residential Pools

The pool industry has been fighting the good fight in the halls of public perception about the drought. The issue is impacting building codes in Las Vegas as the Southern… [...]

Pool Brands We Know and Use

At Beyond Blue Pools we’re experienced in pool repairs and troubleshooting of all major pool equipment manufacturers, including but not limited to the following