The COVID-19 pandemic has made many Houston homeowners focus on upgrading their outdoor spaces. Subsequently, there has been an increased demand for inground swimming pools over the past few months. Building an inground pool in Houston can be challenging, especially if you don’t know of any dependable contractors near the area. Beyond Blue Pools is a pool construction company in Houston that you can trust. We have the best pool professionals who strive to deliver maximum customer satisfaction. With us, building an inground pool in Houston will be a walk in the park for you.

Building an Inground Pool in Houston

Our number one priority is our customers

Here at Beyond Blue Pools, our customers come first. We are courteous enough to listen to all customer requirements before we proceed with construction. Upon our first meeting with you, we address all your queries, fears, and doubts. Also, our pool experts spare some time to visit your property. Doing this enables them to come up with the best pool designs that cater to your needs. Moreover, we observe all our customer’s deadlines, even if it means working overtime.

Stay updated during pool construction

We love talking to our clients when need be. Beyond Blue Pools incorporate an excellent communication process that keeps you informed during each step of construction. Our pool contractors will also let you know of any changes they want to make. If you have any complaints or questions during the construction process, we will always address them.

We offer the best custom pool designs in Houston

Building an inground pool in Houston can be challenging, particularly in complex landscapes, among other obstacles. We are here to ensure that we make your pool dreams come true no matter the circumstances. For example, if you have limited pool space, we’ll customize a small pool that complements your yard. On the other hand, if you have an intricate landscape, we’ll develop a pool design that fits the area. In such instances, we prefer installing raised beam walls to make the pool’s foundation level and stable.

We have the best inground pool features in Houston

More often than not, pool owners love spicing up their pool area by adding various pool features. You can count on us to invigorate your outdoor living space. We recommend the best water features that complement your pool. Besides, we can install any pool feature, from spas to bubblers.

Get the most affordable pool financing in Houston

Pool construction costs are undoubtedly intimidating. Inground swimming pools can take a toll on your budget if you are not careful. Not to mention, you may not have enough cash savings to build a pool. Not to worry; we got you covered. Our pool experts can help you get a reliable pool lender in Houston. But first, they will advise you on the best pool financing options. Once you choose the type of loan, we connect you to the best pool loan lender with the most affordable rates. With us, the loan gets processed much faster.

We keep your budget in mind

In most scenarios, pool companies tend to add certain features or equipment that  increases pool construction costs. But Beyond Blue Pools are different. Our company is well-known for helping clients stick to their budget. Before we begin pool construction, we always ask our customers about their budgets. This way, we’ll know how to work around the budget and still deliver quality pool services. If you have a fixed budget, you need not worry. We’ll suggest the best pool types and designs that cater to the budget. Even with a small budget, we can modify your yard into an exceptional haven.

Building an Inground Pool in Houston


Do you want to remodel your pool?

Aside from providing new pool construction services, we offer pool remodeling services. We can rebuild the whole pool by changing its shape and design. We often suggest the best pool designs to our clients before we begin the remodeling process. Our remodeling services usually include adding water features, resurfacing, and replacing the pool deck. Note that the cost of pool remodeling is almost similar to building an inground pool in Houston. But of course, it depends on what you want. If you wish to give your pool a remodel, contact us right away!

We make building an inground pool in Houston simple.

Building an inground pool in Houston can be hard for first-time pool owners. Therefore, pool owners should hire a reputable company like Beyond Blue Pools. Our quality and professional pool services enable you to enjoy peace of mind throughout the whole pool construction. We’ll always keep you updated; so, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Count on Beyond Blue Pool for the best Houston pool services!

We are a leading Houston pool construction company dedicated to delivering nothing but quality. Over the years, we have managed to establish a wide clientele in Houston. We are aware that building an inground pool in Houston is not easy. So, we are always ready to make your pool dreams come true and help you keep your sanity during pool construction.

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