When it comes to designing a pool, we have the most Creative Design Ideas for Pools In Houston, there are plenty of options that can make your outdoor space stand out. While diving boards have been a pool staple in the past, plenty of other creative design ideas can add functionality and aesthetic appeal to your pool area.

Incorporate Water Features

One popular pool design idea is to incorporate water features like fountains, waterfalls, or bubblers. These features add visual interest and create a soothing ambiance with the sound of flowing water. Waterfalls can be designed to look natural, with rocks and greenery, or more modern and sleek with simple lines and smooth surfaces.

Create a Sun Shelf

A sun shelf is a shallow area in the pool that’s perfect for lounging in the sun. Typically just a few inches deep, this feature is perfect for setting up a couple of lounge chairs or even a small table and chairs for an outdoor lunch. A sun shelf can also be designed to include bubblers or water jets for added visual interest.

Add Fire Features

Creative Pool Design Ideas for Pools In Houston

To create a cozy, inviting atmosphere around your pool, consider adding fire features like fire pits, fire tables, or even outdoor fireplaces. These features can also extend the use of your pool area into the cooler months, making it a year-round gathering spot for family and friends.

Incorporate Lighting

Outdoor lighting can be a game-changer when it comes to creating a beautiful and functional pool area. From underwater LED lights to string lights hung above the pool, there are plenty of options for adding ambiance and safety to your outdoor space. Lighting can also highlight other design elements like water features or landscaping.

Use Natural Materials

Incorporating natural materials like stone, wood, or even grass can give your pool area a unique and organic feel. Stone or wood decking can create a warm and inviting space, while grass or other greenery can soften the edges of the pool and create a more natural setting.

Creative Design Ideas for Pools In Houston Are What We Are Best At!

When it comes to designing a pool area, there are plenty of options beyond the traditional pool designs that come to mind. At Beyond Blue Pools we use 3D Pool Design to bring your vision to life before we start to build your pool. Incorporating water features, creating a sun shelf, adding fire features, incorporating lighting, and using natural materials are just a few of the many creative design ideas that can make your outdoor space truly stand out. By getting creative with your design, you can create a pool area that’s both beautiful and functional for years to come. Book your free quote today with Beyond Blue Pools.

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