Although swimming pools are a great source of fun and entertainment, they are expensive. More often than not, homeowners spend thousands of dollars on pool construction. Luckily, there are many options you can use for financing a pool to build your dream pool. So, conduct thorough research on the best pool financing that caters to all your requirements. Then, find a suitable pool lender.

Financing a Pool in Houston

Beyond Blue Pools save you time and effort!

At Beyond Blue Pools, we understand that most of our customers have fixed budgets. Therefore, we always ask you if they need help in financing a pool. Over the years, we have established excellent connections with the best pool lenders in Houston. So, if you need pool financing, we connect you to Houston’s most reliable and affordable financing companies. This way, you don’t have to spend a lot of time looking for dependable funding institutions. All you have to do is fill in an application form, and we’ll give you a call once the loan gets approved.

We make your dream pool more affordable

You can count on us to connect you to the cheapest pool lenders in Houston. Financing a pool in Houston is undoubtedly not a walk in the park. There is a broad spectrum of pool financing institutions in Houston, thus knowing who to trust is challenging. Upon your first consultation, we take time to listen to all your requirements and budget. Then, we’ll connect you to the best Houston pool lender who offers the lowest interest rates.

How to finance a pool in Houston

Currently, there are different types of pool financing options available in Houston. Your requirements and budget often determine your best financing alternative. Let’s take a look at some of these financing options.

Personal loans:

One of the main options of financing a pool is a personal loan. Almost all financing institutions issue personal loans. Obtaining this loan requires you to apply for the loan via a bank, credit union, or any other funding institution. Some financing companies will require you to state the loan’s purpose, while others won’t bother asking. Personal loans are easier and faster to obtain. In fact, if you qualify for the loan, you can get it within days or a week. Here at Beyond Blue Pools, we help you find the best personal loan lender with the cheapest rates. Nonetheless, note that personal loans are more expensive than other loans.

Home equity loans:

You can choose to obtain a loan by borrowing against your home’s equity. These loans are much cheaper since they incur fixed rates. However, with a home equity loan, you need to secure the loan using your house. As a result, your home serves as collateral. And if you fail to pay the loan, you run the risk of losing your home in the long run. Don’t apply for this loan if you know that you won’t pay within the given time frame. Our pool professionals at Beyond Blue Pools help you get the cheapest home equity loan by connecting you to the best Houston pool lender. However, keep in mind that it takes longer to process a home equity loan.

Credit card loans:

This type of unsecured loans can help you top up on your cash savings or cater to all pool construction costs. Credit card loans are simple to obtain. All you need to do is borrow from your credit card company, and the loan will get processed within a short period. At present, you can access credit card loans from online apps. The downside of these loans is that they are expensive since they incur higher interest rates. Fortunately, you can rely on us to obtain the most affordable credit card loan in Houston.

Financing a Pool in Houston

Things to know when looking for a financing option in Houston

It is not easy to qualify for a loan

To obtain a loan, the respective financial institution has to ensure that you meet certain criteria. Your credit score should be high, and you should have a reputable financial history. No one wants to give a loan to someone who cannot pay the loan in time. At Beyond Blue Pools, we always try our best to ensure you get the loan. But you have to meet all qualifications.

The swimming pool may not give a large ROI

Swimming pools are indisputably large investments. But only a few swimming pools will generate a large return on investment that enables you to pay the loan. Additionally, most swimming pools only increase your home’s value by up to 7%. Not to mention, maintaining a swimming pool is expensive in the long run. So, look for a smart financial plan that’ll enable you to pay off the pool loan.

Financing a Pool – We connect you to the best pool lenders in Houston

Financing a pool in Houston can be overwhelming. But you can always count on us to offer the cheapest pool financing options. We connect you to reliable Houston pool lenders who meet all your needs.

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