At present, gunite swimming pools are becoming more popular in Houston. Indisputably, gunite pools are excellent sources for aesthetics, entertainment, and fun. However, these pools are costly; expect to spend between $70,000 and $100,000 to build a gunite pool. So, before adding a gunite pool to your property, weigh the pros and cons of this pool. Are you looking to build gunite swimming pools in Houston? Beyond Blue Pools has got you covered. We have highly experienced gunite pool builders who focus on turning all your dreams into reality.

Gunite Swimming Pools in Houston

How much does building gunite swimming pools in Houston cost?

As mentioned earlier, building a gunite pool costs thousands of dollars. On average, gunite pools cost $45,000. Of course, this cost varies based on a wide range of factors. Some of the factors that affect the cost of a gunite pool are its size, shape, and design. The bigger the pool, the more you should expect to pay. Likewise, complex gunite pool designs are more expensive. Gunite swimming pools in Houston are generally expensive; however, they offer value for money.

Building gunite swimming pools in Houston

The process of building a gunite swimming pool is not as complex as most people think. All you have to do is follow all the right steps involved in building gunite pools. Usually, the first step to building a gunite pool is excavating the pool area. Then, the next step is installing the plumbing system and rebar. After putting up the rebar, spray the gunite using a high-pressure hose across the entire rebar. Leave the gunite to dry for about 28 days, then start tiling and coping the floor.

How long does it take to build gunite swimming pools in Houston?

The time taken to build a gunite pool in Houston varies depending on different factors. Nonetheless, it takes two to three months to build a gunite pool. The extended construction period is because you have to leave the gunite to cure for at least 28 days. So, if you want to construct your pool within a short period, a gunite pool is not the best option. One of the main factors that determine the total construction period is the speed of your contractors. If your contractors work fast, your gunite pool will be completed within a short period of time. Thus, it is essential to hire a reputable pool construction company.

What are the benefits of building a gunite pool?

Gunite swimming pools offer numerous benefits. Some of these benefits include:

High versatility:

You can customize a gunite swimming pool into any shape and design; it all depends on what you prefer. Gunite pools can fit into any type of yard size and shape. Subsequently, gunite pools offer exceptional aesthetics for your property.


Gunite swimming pools in Houston are built to last. These pools can last for decades. Therefore, if you want to build a pool that will last you for a long time, consider a gunite pool. However, you will need to resurface a gunite pool every seven to ten years.

Exceptional aesthetics:

Since gunite pools are versatile, they offer remarkable aesthetics. You can build any pool design with gunite. So, if you want to switch up your yard into a premium haven, consider building a gunite pool.

Gunite swimming pool cracks and repair

After several years of use, gunite swimming pools in Houston tend to develop cracks. Cracks can either be structural or surface cracks. Always make an effort to fix cracks as soon as you notice them. Doing this helps you prevent further damage to the pool. Fortunately, there are various techniques you can use to repair gunite pool cracks.

When fixing a pool crack, you need to drain the pool first. After emptying the pool, remove all debris and dirt on the surface of the pool. It is essential to start working on a clean surface. The next thing to do is to hold the cracks together using staples. This prevents them from widening. Afterward, use bonding agents or epoxy to fix the cracks.

Gunite Swimming Pools in Houston

Once you finish repairing the crack, replaster the pool. Doing this helps you maintain an even, neat look on the surface of the pool. At times, the crack may only affect the plaster surface. In such a scenario, you only need to resurface the pool. Resurfacing the pool also helps you maintain a smooth surface for swimmers.

The final verdict

Before constructing a gunite pool, weigh its pros and cons. Gather extensive information about gunite swimming pools in Houston to determine whether they are your best option. Then, consult a professional pool construction company like Beyond Blue Pools to build the pool for you. Here at Beyond Blue Pools, we have the best pool professionals who focus on meeting all your requirements.

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