Over the years, gunite pools have increasingly become popular among a majority of homeowners. These pools are popularly known for their durability and versatility. Nevertheless, gunite pools are not simple to construct. If you want to construct this pool, you will need to hire the best gunite pool builders. This way, you’ll construct a quality gunite pool.

How to Find the Best Bunite Pool Builders

Things to do when selecting a gunite pool builder

Your pool layout:

If you plan to build a gunite pool, you need to first come up with a pool layout. It would be best to conduct extensive research on the best pool designs that suit your requirements. Once you have the desired pool layout, look for the best gunite pool builders who can execute the plan. More often than not, experienced pool builders won’t have a problem constructing any type of pool design. Even better, they’ll suggest better designs that align with your requirements.

Conduct extensive research:

You need to conduct thorough research on the best gunite pool builders in your area. Do this through Google or by asking for referrals. You’ll find a lot of recommendations online. So, list down a few that fascinate you. Then, check their websites or reach out to them individually. If you know a friend or family member who has a world-class pool, do not hesitate to ask them for a referral. Check whether the pool contractor has a valid license and insurance coverage. Experts usually advise choosing gunite pool builders with extensive years of experience and a good reputation.

Check Out Accreditation:

Find out whether the pool contractor has professional qualifications and certifications. Pool contractors who are members of organizations are more credible. Additionally, take the time to find out if the pool builder has an insurance cover. Insured pool contractors are usually the best to work with since you receive compensation in case of anything. Don’t forget to check whether the pool contractor is in the Better Business Bureau listing.

Request for a project timeline:

Before you settle for a particular gunite pool builder, always ask for a timeline. State the time you want your pool to be completed and then, identify whether the pool contractor will be able to finish the pool by this time. However, when it comes to timing, you need to be realistic. Remember, gunite pools take approximately two to three months to finish because of the curing process. Having a timeline for the project prevents future misunderstandings between you and your contractor.


Ensure that your pool contractor is reachable. The best gunite pool builders in Houston are always a phone call away. Keep in mind that there may be emergencies during the project. Thus, you might have to call your contractor several times. Moreover, your pool builder should always be willing to address all your fears, queries, and doubts at any stage of the project.

Why should you consider building a gunite pool?

Before you proceed with gunite pool construction, you need to analyze whether the pool is worth your money. Generally, gunite pools offer a broad spectrum of benefits. So, here are some of the reasons why you should construct a gunite pool.

High versatility:

One of the main benefits of gunite pools is their versatility. Gunite pools are easily customizable into any shape and design. Therefore, you can construct them in almost all types of backyard spaces. You don’t have to change your yard space to fit the gunite pool. But you can change the pool to fit your landscape. Additionally, gunite pools can accommodate a wide range of finish materials, from plaster to glass. Therefore, you have the freedom to choose any finish, deck, and tiling material.

How to Find the Best Bunite Pool Builders

Maximum longevity:

The best characteristic of a gunite pool is that it offers high durability. Compared to other pools, gunite pools can last the longest. These pools can last for decades. Although expensive, they offer value for money in the long run. Nevertheless, you need to take good care of a gunite pool if you want to get the most out of it. Poorly maintained gunite pools don’t last as long as you’d want them to.

World-class aesthetics:

Since gunite pools are highly customizable, you get the most aesthetics out of them. Based on recent surveys, most world-class swimming pools are built from gunite. You can always create a gunite pool of any design and shape. Therefore, it offers the best aesthetics. Moreover, a gunite pool can accommodate a wide range of water features, so they transform your yard into a premium haven.

Get the best gunite pool builders from Beyond Blue Pools

It is clear that gunite pool construction is complex. Therefore, hire a reputable gunite pool construction company if you plan to build a gunite pool. At Beyond Blue Pools, we have the best gunite pool builders in Houston. They are extensively experienced in delivering quality gunite pool construction services. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us in case you need gunite pool construction services in Houston.

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