How to Host a Safe Pool Party

How to Host a Safe Pool Party for Spring Break

As I write this blog post it’s 40 degrees outside, hardly swimming and pool party weather! In true Texas fashion, it’s expected to be 80 degrees within 48 hours and with that will come thinking about the first pool party of the season. Spring Break is coming up in just a matter of weeks, and because of that it’s important to have your plans ready for a safe and fun pool party.

1. Set and Post Pool Safety Rules:
Set some rules in advance. You can post the rules at the party and make sure everyone sees them. A few important ones: no running in the pool area and no diving. Make sure and have tables and chairs set up in an area away from the pool if you plan to serve food. And let guests know that food and drinks are not allowed in the pool area.

2. Buy Swimming Floaties and Swim Diapers:
Have a good supply of floaties on hand in case some of the children do not have any. You can get the arm bands and noodles for a pretty reasonable price at places like Target and Wal-Mart. Also make sure you have an extra stock of swim diapers. If the child is not completely potty trained, then they must wear a swim diaper (no explanation necessary).

3. Stock up on Sunscreen and Water:
Add plenty of sunscreen and water to your supply list. Even if it is cloudy, everyone should apply plenty of sunscreen and re-apply every so often. And make sure everyone drinks enough water. Even though you are immersed in water, you are still out in the sun. Spring for the sunscreen that comes in a spray bottle because it provides much better coverage.

4. Set Rest Breaks for Children:
One great idea is to set rest breaks for everyone about once an hour. Have some frozen popsicles on hand to encourage the kids to periodically get out of the pool.

5. Assign a Life Guard:
Make sure you have an assigned adult on duty at all times to act as a lifeguard. And each adult that will be handling that duty should not consume alcoholic beverages. To help out with this responsibility, call your local community center or recreation department and hire a certified lifeguard for the party. You really can never be too careful.

6. Be Prepared for an Emergency:
Contact your local Red Cross and get trained in CPR before your party. If you are a pool owner, this training is a must. Knowing what to do before it happens will put your mind at ease.

How to Host a Safe Pool Party
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